DP Sports Performance & Injury Clinic is able to provide a wide range of services to help in the optimum health and performance of individuals. These treatments have wide ranging benefits to help in the recovery of injuries, and the maintenance of highly active people. Our services are provided by qualified, highly trained and experienced professionals.

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Physiotherapy can help you recover quickly from aches and pains. We are able to treat a wide range of conditions including low back pain, rotator cuff disorders, sporting injuries and osteoarthritis. Specialists in rehabilitation, we can help assess and diagnosis your condition, provide early hands on treatments, and help manage your injury through to full recovery.

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Osteopathy can help treat a wide range of musculoskeletal pain complaints including low back, neck, shoulder, knee & hip pain. Experts in hands on treatments, osteopathy can help get your body moving effectively, and have you training back to high levels.

Sports Massage at Direct Physio Mitcham

Sports Massage


A sports massage can help alleviate stress and tension in the body, often as a result of high level training, poor posture or general tightness. A sports massage can improve flexibility, reduce pain, and lower risk of injury. This is carried out by trained professionals, using oil on skin to apply deeper, firmer pressure than a traditional massage.

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Injury & Movement Screen


An Injury & Movement Screen can help highlight areas of weakness or vulnerability in our ability. Understanding these and developing a plan to improve them, can help improve sporting/athletic performance, reduce risk of future injury, and improve posture. The screen consists of two parts; a thorough assessment including a review of previous injuries, and a functional movement screen that tests flexibility, strength and stability.

Acupuncture Mitcham Direct Physio



Acupuncture is a treatment technique originally derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine. This technique involves using specifically designed needles to stimulate sensory nerves under skin and in muscle. Acupuncture has many benefits, but is mainly used as pain relief in western medicine, and can be very useful for many conditions such as headaches, low back pain, knee pain and more. Acupuncture is carried out by fully qualified professionals that have undergone extensive further training, and as part of physiotherapy, osteopathy or sports therapy treatment.

Sports Taping Mitcham Direct Physio

Sports Taping


Sports Taping is often associated with the colourful tape seen on professional athletes. Sports taping involves the use of specifically designed elasticated tape, applied to the body in a way that helps support muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. This stability can help alleviate pain and speed up recovery from injury. This tape is applied as part of physiotherapy, osteopathy or sports therapy treatment by a trained individual.

Manual Techniques Direct Physio Mitcham

Manual Techniques


As part of all our treatments, we provide hands on manual techniques. This includes manipulation manoeuvres, as well as more subtle/softer mobilisation techniques. These manual techniques are used in a targeted way, aiming to speed up recovery, reduce pain and increase movement.

Electrical Stimulation Mitcham Physio

NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation


NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation is a treatment technique used to help increase activation and strength of weakened muscles. Electro-pads are applied to the affected muscle, and electrical stimulation causes the muscle to contract with the machine. This technique can be extremely useful in rehabilitation of chronic pain or injuries, as well as very effective in patients that are recovering from surgery.

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