Sports Massage

If you are struggling with generic aches and pains as a result of overtraining, stress or general fatigue, then a sports massage can help alleviate your symptoms. Our sports massages provided at DP Sports Performance & Injury Clinic are performed by qualified sports therapists that have an extensive knowledge of recovery and anatomy.

Sports Massage in Mitcham & Crawley

Sports Massages are available at DP Sports Performance & Injury Clinic in both our Mitcham & Crawley clinics. These treatments are provided by qualified sports therapists with a background in high level sports teams.

Experts in assessment and treatment, our sports therapists can provide proactive management, ensuring you can train harder and recover quicker to get the ultimate benefits. This helps you to achieve those daily and lifelong fitness goals.

Sports massages at our Mitcham & Crawley clinics last 60 minutes, but if you would like longer then contact us and we can book you in for extended slots. Or want a recovery treatment with advanced techniques such as cupping, needling and blading then check out our Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy.

What are the benefits of a Sports Massage?

Our body is made up of layers of tissue, that all work in combination to help us produce effective pain free movement. On occasion, often through fatigue or stress, these tissues begin to function less effectively. This includes muscles, ligaments, tendons and most importantly fascia.

A sports massage can help restore effective movement to these tissues through a variety of techniques helping to calm the nervous system, mobilise the fascial system and promoting blood flow. This can in turn help the body move more easily and pain free, so that you can continue to train at your very best.

What does a Sports Massage involve?

Our sports therapists at DP Sports Performance & Injury Clinic are all highly trained in sports massage techniques. This includes hands on techniques helping to stretch and manipulate tissue, as well as stretch the body.

Using these techniques appropriately underpinned by experience & knowledge, allows us to keep everyone from sedentary desk workers up to elite athletes performing at their very best.

Looking for regular Sports Massage?

At DP Sports Performance & Injury Clinic, we understand the benefits of a regular sports massage. That is why we offer unique Performance Plans.

These Performance Plans are ideal for anyone from sedentary workers to highly active individuals that would like regular treatments to keep their bodies in top condition.

Our Performance Plans are a monthly subscription that allows for regular treatments and additional discounts on extra sessions, sports physiotherapy and recovery products.

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