Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy

Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy is a service provided by our sports therapists that have undergone specialist training in a variety of advanced techniques. This session allows for a greater in depth assessment of your body coupled with tailored treatments including cupping, blading/graston, sports massage, sports taping, dry needling and more.

Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy in Mitcham & Crawley

Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy is a unique service offered by DP Sports Performance & Injury Clinic in our Mitcham & Crawley clinics.

It is provided by our qualified sports therapists who have undergone additional trining in advanced treatments such as cupping, dry needling, sports taping, blading and more. This service blends the expert assessment with a tailored treatment approach.

Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy treatments last 60 minutes with appointments available throughout the week including evenings & weekends. Bookings are available online, or call to discuss your requirements further.


Is Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy for me?

Choosing advanced soft tissue therapy may be for a number of reasons.

You may be training at a high level or working at a high level of intensity and keen to prevent or manage mild niggles that can occur.

Or perhaps you have tried sports massage and are keen on having a more in depth assessment with different technique options to manage your recovery.

Advanced soft tissue therapy allows you to have tailored treatment with different techniques based on an individualised assessment and preference.

What Treatments does Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy involve?

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Movement Assessment

A vital component of our Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy treatment is the initial movement assessment. This quick assessment allows us to identify areas of reduced mobility, potential causes of niggles/pains when training, and gives a benchmark for improvement in your sessions.

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Cupping therapy has become an extremely popular treatment choice with many athletes including Michael Phelps.

At DP Sports Performance & Injury Clinic we provide dry cupping, which uses silicone cups to create suction on the skin. The area can then be lifted and mobilised, or left in place to provide soft tissue relief.

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Sports Massage Techniques

Sports massage techniques are often used to release or relax soft tissue structures that may be causing or contributing to pain or stiffness. These techniques often tend to be deeper and can be uncomfortable if you are not used to having sports massages. Our sports therapists also include stretching, trigger point release work and massage gun treatments as part of their sports massage technqiues.

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Sports Taping

Sports Taping is often associated with the colourful tape seen on professional athletes. Sports taping involves the use of specifically designed elasticated tape, applied to the body in a way that helps support muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. This stability can help alleviate pain and speed up recovery from injury.

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Needling & Electroacupuncture

Dry needling & electro-acupuncture are techniques used to treat trigger points. A fine needle or acupuncture needle is inserted into the skin and muscle at hyper-irritable spots. These spots can often cause weakness and restricted movement. During electroacupuncture, a small electrical current is further applied to the needle to enhance the treatment.

This treatment is only carried out by a fully trained sports therapist that has undergone further training in these techniques.

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