Remote Consultations

Remote or Virtual Consultations allow us to provide physiotherapy assessment and advice via a digital platform such as Zoom, Skype or Telephone. This service can guarantee early access to physiotherapy advice, ensuring you are able to manage your injury early and effectively.

Why have a Remote Consultation?

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Remote consultations are an equally effective way to deliver physiotherapy assessments and advice, and are becoming more popular for a multiple of reasons.

With the absence of travelling time, and assessments being able to take place rapidly, you can receive an appointment rapidly following the onset of pain or injury. This means better tailored advice in the early stages, leading to better outcomes.

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, remote consultations also eliminates risk of infection through a face to face consultation. This can be particularly beneficial for those in high risk categories, or those not comfortable with travel at this time.

What conditions can we treat through a Remote Consultation?

All conditions that would be seen by a physiotherapist can in most cases be managed remotely. This includes but not limited to:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Muscle Injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder discomfort

With early assessment and individualised advice, many conditions can be effectively managed at home.

Should at any point during your course of treatment, it is agreed that a face to face would be more beneficial, then this would be arranged in an appropriate fashion.

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What to expect from your Remote Consultation?

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All our remote consultations are provided by the Zoom Video platform – a free, secure method. If you would prefer a telephone consultation only, or another method for your consultation, just let us know and we can aim to provide this. Full details of how to join the consultation will be provided in an email prior to your appointment.

At your first appointment, we will ask a lot of questions regarding the onset and symptoms of your condition. There will also be questions regarding your medical history and any medications you may take. Any information from other healthcare professionals may also be useful.

Following this we will ask you to perform movements and tests, from which we can provide a provisional diagnosis and tailor advice and exercises to be practiced. Following your session, we will email these exercises to ensure they can be performed effectively.

Appointment & Prices

An initial remote consultation lasts approximately 45 minutes costing £35. Follow up remote consultations last approximately 30 minutes, costing £20.

Private Medical Insurers will approve and cover the cost of remote consultations. These include BUPA, AXA PPP, Vitality Health, Aviva and all other major insurers. If you wish to use your private medical insurance towards your treatment, you must discuss this with them prior to commencing, and obtain a pre-authorisation number.

If self-paying for treatment, an invoice will be sent to you in order to take payment for your remote consultations. For further information please visit see our Prices & Payment page. Alternatively please contact us to discuss your needs further.


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