Injury & Movement Screen

Unlock hidden potential in your performance, as well as identify possible pre-cursors to injury with this reliable Functional Movement Screen. Created by Functional Movement Systems, and carried out by a certified assessor.

About the Injury & Movement Screen

An Injury & Movement screen can be used to help identify areas of improvement, and possible precursors to injury. This can be especially useful for those in sport or regular recreational activity.

The screen involves a Functional Movement Screen, a test widely used by English Premier League teams. The test involves 7 key movements that require both mobility and stability. Correcting any movement deficits could boost performance in training and competition.

In addition to the Functional Movement Screen, a thorough assessment will take place on any previous injuries, or areas of discomfort highlighted within the screen.

What are the Benefits of the Injury & Movement Screen?

The functional movement screen examines fundamental movement patterns, combining both mobility & stability. Highlighting difficulty in performing these movements can expose areas of stiffness, weakness or poor neuromuscular control. Identifying and correcting these deficits will help to improve performance including sprint speed, agility, power and more.

Combining the functional movement screen with an assessment of previous injuries, can help establish suitable exercises that can lower the risk of chronic or recurrent injuries.

What to expect from your Injury & Movement Screen?

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The Injury & Movement Screening will begin with discussion over your full sporting and medical history, including any previous injuries you may have suffered. This is important, as it helps to identify possible areas of restriction or weakness for later examination. A full knowledge of the sports & activities you participate in also allows us to understand which injuries you may be at greater risk from.

The Functional Movement Screen is then carried out, consisting of 7 key complex movements. A score is given to you based on your ability to complete each movement. Following this, a more in depth examination is carried out based on the information provided previously. It is important you attend appropriately dressed in sports wear to perform this.

From this information, we will be able to devise an exercise program that will help compliment your activity and goals, enhancing performance whilst minimising injury.

Appointment & Prices

An Injury & Movement Scree at Direct Physio in Mitcham lasts approximately 45 minutes.

The cost of this screening is £45. See further information on our Prices & Payment page. Unfortunately, this treatment is not covered by insurance companies. If you are the director of a sports club, and would like the screening carried out for your squads, please contact us directly to organise a package.

You can book an Injury & Movement screen online, simply register to complete. Alternatively, contact us directly to discuss your requirements further.


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